In-Depth: Diving With The Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Memovox

In-Depth: Diving With The Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Memovox

There’s a notable saying among jumpers, mountain dwellers, and spelunkers – “two is one, one is none” – that sums up the astuteness of conveying reinforcements for each piece of crucial gear. No one can tell when you’ll drop your glove into a precipice in the Khumbu Icefall, your headlamp will break 600 feet underground, or your plunge computer show will go peculiar at 30 spans. These disappointments can mean frostbite, confusion, or decompression affliction, best case scenario, or, taken to the outrageous, a fascinating and painful demise. These days, a jumper can wear two wrist computers or go “old school,” with a simple fake watch prices and a profundity check, to get him securely back to the surface. For my situation, wearing the Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Memovox to bed as a reinforcement guaranteed that I made my 5:20 AM trip to the Caribbean for seven days of diving.

The restricted version Polaris Memovox is the corona piece in the all-new Polaris collection.

From Minneapolis, the excursion to Bonaire, in the Dutch Caribbean, starts with that early trip to Atlanta. This implied a 3:45 AM taxi and a 3:00 AM wakeup. This was my seventh excursion to Bonaire (better believe it, I know) and I never rest appropriately the late evening avoiding – not with regards to energy, but rather out of uneasiness that I will sleep late because of a hushed iPhone or erroneously set alert. Indeed, it’s never occurred, and my better half had an alert set on her telephone also, yet nervousness knows no rationale. So this time I ended up the Memovox and set its caution to 3:15, a mechanical reinforcement to a satellite-synchronized, battery-fueled gadget. I could rest adequately, if generally very little.

Of course, I didn’t require the Memovox all things considered. My iPhone alert sounded and, after 15 minutes as I was making espresso, the fake watch prices on my wrist began its obvious jingle. In any case, it outlines my point about reinforcements, however I’m not pushing purchasing a $12,600 restricted version Swiss fake watch prices basically to allow you to rest soundly at night.

This year points the 50th commemoration of the principal Polaris plunging fake watch prices and, in any event, at fake watch costs brands who are enchanted with commemorations, 50 years is a huge achievement deserving of affirmation. Fittingly, at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie this previous January, Jaeger-LeCoultre presented a totally new Polaris line , from a period just three-hander to a chronograph, on up to the radiance piece: this Memovox restricted version, the nearest reverence to the first 1968 Polaris , with its mark “voice of memory” mechanical alarm. 

It’s acceptable to see Jaeger-LeCoultre back in the genuine games fake watch prices game. In the mid 2010s, they turned out a line of jumper hits in both the “vintage-propelled” and present day classes, with the Deep Sea Alarm and the Deep Sea Chronographs on one hand, and the Master Compressor jumpers on the other. There was even a “Recognition for Polaris” that paid dedicated tribute to the 1968 unique. Be that as it may, at that point the center moved for a couple of years and the sportiest fake watch prices JLC delivered was the phenomenal however dressy Geophysic. The arrival of the Polaris setup at SIHH was a welcome amazement for most. At last, a Jaeger you wouldn’t be hesitant to get wet once more. Indeed, sort of.

Despite its authentic jumping motivation and 200 meter water obstruction, the Polaris isn’t promoted as a fake watch prices for plunging, nor recommended for it.

The Polaris Memovox is the solitary fake watch prices in the new arrangement with 20 bar pressure obstruction, identical to around 20 airs, or 200 meters of water profundity. This is in spite of the way that none of its three crowns screw down. While I’ve plunged with a few fake watch prices with “push-pull” crowns (most as of late, the 100 meter-appraised Rado Captain Cook ), I’ve never jumped with one that has THREE crowns that are free-turning. A screw-in crown is one of my couple of standards for a plunge fake watch prices for long haul use – notwithstanding fixing properties, for the consolation that a tangle on jump gear will not coincidentally pull out a crown previously or during a dive. 

The upper crown winds and sets the alert, just as changes the date.

The unique Polaris developed from Jaeger’s unique plunging caution fake watch prices the Deep Sea Alarm of the last part of the 1950s. That fake watch prices while including the brand’s most unmistakable complication, come up short on a turning passed time ring. The Polaris kept the caution and added the interior turning ring, utilizing an adaptation of Ervin Piquerez’s twin crown “Compressor” cases, moving the circumstance ring control to the center crown position to keep the two o’clock crown for alert setting. This is a similar arrangement utilized on the most recent Polaris Memovox which, notwithstanding its jumping inceptions and sound water opposition, is really not proposed to be utilized as a jumper’s fake watch prices The manual even expresses that, “your fake watch prices should not be utilized for scuba plunging or for sports including critical danger of effect, for example, windsurfing or waterskiing.” But I did it at any rate – with JLC’s assent, of course.

The Polaris Memovox doesn’t resemble a traditional plunge watch.

The Polaris Memovox doesn’t actually appear as though a jump fake watch prices . The precise drags of the 42mm case slant down harshly and the thin bezel is cleaned, encompassing the domed sapphire precious stone. The dial is a beautiful differentiation of surface medicines. The external span is a daintily finished dark, whereupon the nectar tinted Arabic numerals and hashes are applied. The internal pivoting caution circle is smooth matte dark with a small bolt and the “Memovox” name imprinted in white, coordinating the spots and numerals on the tight passed time ring. With straightforward rod hands, this is a fake watch prices that challenges order – dynamic yet traditionalist, lively yet steadfastly dressy. I imagine it fitting right in on the teak deck of a cruising yacht in the Virgin Islands, or poolside in Cannes – it’s the fake watch prices an all around obeyed athlete slides on his wrist when he removes his Gyrotourbillon . The elastic tie is amazing – dainty, long and graceful enough to fold over the wrist, ending in a foldover deployant catch. Once more, not actually made for jumping, where estimating for fit over a wetsuit is a smidgen more required than moving a clasp pin more than one opening. Furthermore, it would be a pity to beat up the cleaned “JL” fasten on the gunwale of a jump boat.

The dial, with its turning community alert plate, has differentiating textures.

The caseback of the Polaris is strong steel with somewhat of an arch, amounting to a considerable thickness near 16 millimeters. This is instead of the showcase backs on a portion of the other Polaris fake watch prices A JLC development is consistently a joy to view, however for this situation (in a real sense) it’s for the caution work – the domed steel back fills in as a resonator, for ideal tone and volume of the alert. It is adorned with an etching of an improved on jumper’s head protector, quickly inferring the logo seen on Compressor-cased plunge fake watch prices of the 1960s. 

The pièce de résistance of this fake watch prices is the alert, which has consistently struck me as an odd decision for a jump fake watch prices There are a few authentic points of reference for caution plunge fake watch prices including those from Vulcain, with its Cricket Nautical , and JLC’s Deep Sea Alarm and Polaris. Undoubtedly solid ventures very well submerged, yet given its one-time use, and that it’s a capacity you need to set preceding slipping, it’s of to some degree restricted utility. I accept its unique use was to caution a jumper when a plunge ought to be ended, because of a foreordained base time. Be that as it may, this doesn’t take into account any deviation whenever you’ve plunged, since changing the circumstance of the caution requires pulling out the crown, which is a no-no submerged. Additionally, the alert isn’t set dependent on passed time in exact augmentations, however on the hour of day. So on the off chance that you start a plunge at 10:08 and you need to end the jump following 33 minutes, you’d need to surmised 10:41 with the alert setting bolt on the inward circle – no mean accomplishment. Also, regardless of whether you figure out how to get this right, while a perceptible caution certainly would borrow your time, utilization of the far less complex slipped by time ring would be simpler and similarly as viable, except if there’s a dread that nitrogen narcosis will cloud thinking at profundity. Thus, as far as I might be concerned, the caution work stays even more a pleasant oddity than something horribly useful.

Despite the Polaris Memovox not being proposed for plunging, JLC gave me the all-reasonable to take it for a turn anyway.

I utilized the alert on one jump and it is viable for standing out enough to be noticed. It is, indeed, noisy. I’ve jumped with a Vulcain Cricket Nautical before, and if my hear-able memory serves, the Cricket caution is all the more a metallic buzz, while the Memovox has a marginally seriously ringing tone. In any case, fish in the area dispersed when it went off.

The domed caseback is intended to improve alert resonance.

The collapsing clasp makes this fake watch prices somewhat harder to adapt to fitting over a wetsuit.

The center crown turns the circumstance ring and the lower crown is for time setting and winding.

I had the fullest expectation of utilizing the alert again on a plunge to shoot video to catch its sound submerged, however a glitch kept me from taking it profound once more. One morning, when I put the fake watch prices on my wrist, I went to turn the center crown and it didn’t move. It seemed like a screw-down crown that was secured. Turning it counter-clockwise, the crown turned however the circumstance ring didn’t react and soon the actual crown unthreaded from the stem, dropping into my hand. In spite of the fact that the fake watch prices gave no indication of water entrance – hazing, dampness, or unpredictable development conduct – I found that some saltwater had moved beyond the crown tube seal and dried inside, holding onto the circumstance ring component. I have no reason for this hypothesis other than my own previous involvement in held onto outer bezels, which can quit turning after several pungent jumps without great case leeway or sufficient washing. Since my excursion, I’ve sent the fake watch prices back to Jaeger-LeCoultre, and their clarification for the disaster is that I got an early model, which had getting teeth problems. 

I’m not going to excuse a whole fake watch prices dependent on one episode with a pre-creation variant put through apparently harsher treatment than it was at any point implied for in any case. I’d prefer to believe that my concern with the model will be thought about by the watchmakers at JLC and maybe help improve the actual Polaris. Be that as it may, who am I joking? The restricted version Polaris Memovox won’t probably ever see base time on the wrist of any of its 1,000 fortunate proprietors, given the two its family and its $12,600 cost. Also, that is comparably well, since it’s not promoted as a plunge fake watch prices and by taking it jumping I opposed the proprietor’s manual at the fake watch costs itself.

The Memovox caution is noisy, particularly underwater.

As a reinforcement gadget however, the Polaris Memovox filled its need in maybe the most ideal manner it could – giving me true serenity the night prior to an early trip for a jump trip. Also, it demonstrates that occasionally, despite the fact that two is one, and one is none, even reinforcements need backups.

More data about the Polaris Memovox can be found at

Photos: Gishani Ratnayake

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