Introducing: The Citizen Eco-Drive Caliber 0100, The Most Accurate Wristwatch Ever Made

Introducing: The Citizen Eco-Drive Caliber 0100, The Most Accurate Wristwatch Ever Made

Brisk Take

Last year, Citizen appeared, with shockingly little exhibit, a show commendable accomplishment. This was the Caliber 0100, which was introduced in a pocket fake watch prices case , as a non-creation model. Despite the fact that it was clear from the outset that the development could undoubtedly be utilized in a creation wristwatch, at the time there was no particular commitment from Citizen that this would occur. Notwithstanding, this year at Baselworld, Citizen appeared the Caliber 0100 wristwatch, in white gold and titanium cases, making another record-holder for world’s most precise wristwatch a reality.

The new fake watch prices is housed in a 37.5mm x 9.1mm case and is being delivered as a restricted version – there will be 100 in white gold and a sum of 700 in Super Titanium with Duratect. Of the 700 in titanium, 200 will have a mother of pearl dial. The exactness of the fake watch prices gets from its high recurrence quartz oscillator, which runs at 8.4 MHz (8,388,608 Hz) instead of the 32,768 Hz recurrence of a standard quartz fake watch prices The cut of the quartz gem is likewise extraordinary – the type 0100 utilizations what’s called an AT-cut quartz precious stone, which has a tablet shape, as opposed to the tuning fork state of a regular quartz gem. What’s more, the oscillator is temperature-controlled, varieties in temperature being the absolute most critical wellspring of rate variety in quartz oscillators. 

According to Citizen, LIGA manufacture is utilized for components of the stuff train that drive the hands, to dispense with kickback, or play between gear teeth. Some level of play between gear teeth, anyway minute, is important for a stuff train to run however it can bring about some imprecision in, for instance the situation of a seconds hand regarding dial markers. This way to deal with guaranteeing outrageous accuracy in stuff commitment is commonly an element of better quality mechanical fake watch prices (Patek Philippe utilizes a LIGA-manufactured wheel in the aberrant community seconds train of the new 5212A Calatrava , and Rolex utilizes one in the Daytona, as Ben Clymer revealed from his Rolex plant visit article in 2015 ). The explicit way to deal with the issue of reaction in the Caliber 0100 is the utilization of a LIGA-created against kickback winding spring. In contrast to ordinary quartz developments, Caliber 0100 is additionally widely jeweled, with an all out tally of 17.

The single most concerning issue with high-exactness, high recurrence quartz fake watch prices verifiably has been battery life; higher recurrence quartz oscillators utilize a great deal of force and when Citizen came out with its 4.1 MHz Crystron Megaquartz in 1975, expected battery life was distinctly around a half year (as indicated by Citizen). That fake watch prices was appraised to an actually astounding ±3 seconds out of each year, yet the short battery life was a commercial obligation. It was nonetheless, an unfathomable accomplishment for now is the ideal time, and like the Caliber 0100, it utilized an AT-cut quartz gem. After 44 years, the energy issue’s been settled gratitude to the Caliber 0100’s utilization of sun based force, Eco-Drive innovation, which gives the fake watch prices a multi month power save (eight months in force save mode) and it’s significant that this is regardless of the way that Caliber 0100 runs at about twofold the recurrence of the Crystron. (The fake watch prices will run uncertainly whenever presented to light consistently; the half year power hold is the running time if the fake watch prices is kept altogether darkness).

Hands and applied records are faceted metal (a bizarre decision for turns in a fake watch prices for which limiting force utilization is an issue as they’re on the substantial side) and the fake watch prices are hand-collected in Japan. The generally undeniable degree of hand-work, just as the utilization of premium materials and extremely progressed mechanical and electronic timekeeping innovation, are clear signs that these won’t be 500 dollar fake watch prices however the value actually came, as far as I might be concerned, as an underlying stun. Clutch your pants, Gertrude – the titanium models are $7,400, and the white gold model is $16,800.

Introductory Thoughts

This is one of two record breaking fake watch prices delivered for the current year (the other being the new Bulgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT, which is the world’s most slender selfwinding chronograph) and likewise with every single new record, it brings up the issue of when and if it will be broken. That Citizen presently has gloating rights for unquestionably the most exact wristwatch at any point made, doesn’t really mean nobody else will assault that record. 

The Citizen Chronomaster

High accuracy timekeeping is a significant need at Citizen; for additional, look at our involved with the Citizen Chronomaster.

AT cut quartz precious stones were designed in 1938, and keeping in mind that Citizen’s Eco-Drive tech is class-driving, other enormous watchmaking companies with semiconductor limits likewise can convey comparable innovation. Yet, it’s a significant affirmation of thought administration with respect to Citizen to have delivered this fake watch prices and to have ensured the degree of execution it gives, and however there are different firms that theoretically might have done it, the reality stays that Citizen is the company that put in the work, and did the R&D, important to make this a reality. High recurrence quartz fake watch prices are a captivating sub-claim to fame of fake watch prices gathering – companies as fluctuated as Omega, Bulova, Seiko, and Citizen itself have all created such fake watch prices both in the present and the past; to the furthest extent that I can review the record holder for quartz exactness until now was really the previously mentioned Citizen Crystron. This is with the admonition that you can improve execution from wristwatches that align themselves utilizing radio recurrence signals, either from earthly transmitters or from the GPS network, yet these are not completely self-ruling watches, similar to the Caliber 0100. 

Now, contingent upon things like temperature, variety in quartz precious stone execution, and different imponderables, you might just get one second a year execution out of a fake watch prices not appraised to that exactness. I have a Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk that is presumably nine or ten years of age and when I initially got it I estimated its precision throughout a year and it was delayed by three seconds more than 365 days. In any case, there is a major distinction between getting fortunate regarding execution, and having the option to guarantee performance over that long a period. The business standard practice for AT quartz gems determines the point of deviation of the cut from the Z hub of the precious stone (for example) to inside 0.0042 of a degree and the point of the cut can be fluctuated somewhat to adjust the rate strength of the gem in a given temperature reach to the ideal spec. (More tight resistances will deliver more steady execution, however as is normally the situation, it’s more costly.) This combined with a portion of the other specialized highlights of the Caliber 0100 make it, at any rate for the time being, in fact unique.

From a viable viewpoint this is each of the somewhat disputable, obviously – most wristwatch proprietors will not particularly notice the contrast between ±10 seconds a year, and ±1 second a year, yet this fake watch prices isn’t for most wristwatch proprietors (both as far as execution and cost). Its allure will be most grounded to the individuals who are genuinely moved by accomplishments in high accuracy timekeeping. A customer for the pricey gold model, for example, may likewise have a 2.4 MHz Omega Marine Chronometer or two in their assortment, yet they additionally may have high exactness pendulum clocks (counting an expert slave arrangement or two) and mechanical observatory chronometer wrist and pocket fake watch prices (and indeed, I’m portraying what my own assortment would resemble in a post-Powerball win universe). Similarly as with much very good quality watchmaking, regardless of whether mechanical or high exactness quartz, a great deal of the joy of possession has to do with the pride one takes in having something standout on your wrist. Greatness can be communicated in plan, put-togetherness, handwork, or in exactness execution, and in case you’re intrigued by the last to any degree, the Caliber 0100 is a fake watch prices worth watching.

The Basics

Brand: Citizen

Model: Caliber 0100

Reference Number: AQ6010-06A (gold), AQ6021-51E (titanium), AQ6020-53X (titanium with MOP dial)

Diameter: 37.5mm

Thickness: 9.1mm

Case Material: White gold or Super Titanium with Duratect; show back on the white gold model only

Dial Color: Cream (white gold model), metallic dark or MOP (titanium models)

Indexes: Applied, faceted

Water Resistance: 50 meters

Strap/Bracelet: Crocodile cowhide tie with white gold pin clasp (gold model); Super Titanium wristband with Duratect (titanium models)

The Movement

Caliber: 0100, Eco-Drive

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds

Power Reserve: a half year; 8 months in backup mode

Frequency: 8,388,608 Hz by means of an AT-cut quartz precious stone which is thermocompensated
Jewels: 17

Chronometer Certified: Caliber 0100 snickers at your weak chronometer certification

Additional Details: LIGA against backfire teeth in driving train for the hands; ruthenium covered with striped finish

Estimating & Availability

Price: $7,400 (titanium), $16,800 (white gold)

Availability: TBD

Limited Edition: 100 pieces in white gold, 200 pieces in titanium with MOP dial, and 500 pieces in titanium with dark dial

Visit Citizen fake watch prices online at

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