Introducing: The MB&F Horological Machine No. 9 'Flow'

Introducing: The MB&F Horological Machine No. 9 'Flow'

Fast Take

The Horological Machines from MB&F, of which this is the 10th, are about the farthest things from traditional fake watch prices and watchmaking that you can envision. In the years since the main Machine came out (HM1 appeared in 2007) the Horological Machines have come in a confounding assortment of shapes and motivations, from the bulbous convexity of the HM3 “Frog” to the flying saucer-formed HM7 “Aquapod,” to the latest, car propelled HM8 “Can Am.” Each of the Machines is basically a demonstration of horological deconstruction and diversion – the components of a conventional wristwatch are re-designed to create another sort of time-telling gadget that additionally copies as wrist-wearable workmanship. MB&F creates high horological workmanship, yet the Machines are likewise intentionally perky, and expected to summon a specific sort of nostalgic veneration for a youngster’s creative mind. The most current Horological Machine, the ‘Stream,’ commends the visual verse of smoothed out vehicles and airplane of the 1940s and 1950s, a long time previously, as MB&F says, ” … a period a long time before air streams and CAD programming forced their hard rationale and controlled creativity.”

Introductory Thoughts

The general plan language of MB&F has reached, in the course of the most recent 20 years, a particular sort of development and there is an affirmation in the overall assortment of structures utilized in HM9 that will be recognizable to long-lasting spectators of MB&F’s work. There has consistently a cycle of a Golden Age Of Sci-Fi vibe to the Horological Machines and HM9 is the same, with its twin horizontal units to some degree suggestive (in case you’re a Star Wars aficionado) of the notable twin-case Cloud Cars seen flashing around the airborne city of Bespin in The Empire Strikes Back.

However, the essential world from which the HM9 draws motivation is the auto domain – for scifi fans there might be echoes of Star Wars in HM9, however for auto devotees, there will likewise be a solid feeling of the motivation of early efforts to smooth out, like Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion vehicle (planned to be the “ground navigating” period of a land-air vehicle) and more customary, presently exemplary car resembles Pontiac’s Streamliner, which appeared in 1942. 

You expect any Horological Machine to be, in a manner of speaking, emblematically multivalent and HM9 positively brings out a bunch of plans from both genuine and anecdotal universes, but at the same time it’s quite possibly the most precisely refined Horological Machines too. Every one of the twin sidelong units houses a different equilibrium haggle, while the focal case houses the heart barrel, just as a differential, which midpoints the pace of the two free adjusts and delivers a solitary yield for the time display.

In wristwatches, this sort of component was first spearheaded by Philippe Dufour, in his Duality wristwatch. MB&F originally utilized a minor departure from the system (in which the propensity of the two adjusts to offset each other’s varieties in rate is proposed to create better exactness) in the Legacy Machine 2, however this is the first run through it’s consistently been utilized in a Horological Machine.

HM9 will come in two varieties – the Air adaptation will have a dim development and cockpit-instrument styled dial, while the Road rendition will have a rose gold-plated development and speedometer-styled dial. 

The Basics

Brand: MB&F

Model: Horological Machine No. 9 “Flow”

Dimensions: 57mm × 47mm × 23mm

Case Material: Grade 5 titanium

Dials: Speedometer style for the Road variation; cockpit instrument style for the Air variant

Lume: UYes

Water Resistance: 30 meters

Strap/Bracelet: Hand-stiched earthy colored calf calfskin lash with collapsing titanium buckle

The Movement

Functions: Hours and minutes

Winding: Manual

Frequency: 2.5 Hz (18,000 vph)

Jewels: 44

Additional Details: Two autonomous oscillators, coupled by a differential; hours and minutes on a vertical display

Evaluating & Availability

Price: $182,000

Availability: First pieces transporting now

Limited Edition: 33 of each version

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