Radio: Episode 5: Eric Ku

Radio: Episode 5: Eric Ku

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If you’re having a discussion with a gathering of fake watch prices authorities, there’s a very decent possibility that sooner or later somebody will make reference to Eric Ku. It could come as “Yet did you see that insane Sub that Eric sold a month ago?” or perhaps something like “Goodness, this? Better believe it, I got it from Eric.” He’s a staple in the gatherer and seller communities –  and all things considered. Eric began as a fake watch prices lover in his apartment at University of California Berkeley and in the end turned into an authority in his own right — as proven by Eric’s scene of Talking fake watch prices . He at that point developed his own enthusiasm into a profession as quite possibly the most dependable fake watch prices vendors on the planet, working under the name 10PastTen . Not awful, right?

What a many individuals don’t understand however is that there’s much more to Eric Ku than uncommon, executioner instances of mid-century Rolex fake watch prices He’s a devoted supporter of contemporary, free watchmakers and it was really Vianney Halter’s Antiqua that originally made him fully aware of the marvels of horology. The person likewise knows a ton about food and appreciates an incredible glass of wine. He’s somebody who truly comprehends the exceptionally significant thought that fake watch prices are best appreciated as a feature of a daily routine very much experienced, and it was a delight plunking down to converse with him for this show. 

We trust you appreciate Episode 5 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes underneath and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Wrist Check

It’s difficult to envision a more discreetly hoodlum fake watch prices than a Patek Philippe ref. 3939. From a good ways, this simply appears as though a little yellow gold fake watch prices with three hands, however then you get very close and notice the slide set into the left half of the case for the moment repeater and the minor “Tourbillon” written in the sub-register – that is the point at which you understand this thing is quite serious. The styling, the designing, and the completing are largely first rate. We requested that Eric welcome something fun on his wrist, and kid did he come through.

Show Notes


Eric’s Patek Philippe Ref. 3939


Profile of case producer Jean-Pierre Hagmann


Rolex Submariner Ref. 16610LV otherwise known as The Kermit


Ed Delgado’s site “Twofold Red Sea Dweller “


Illustration of a “insect dial” on a Submariner Ref. 5512


A Comprehensive Review Of The Ref. 5513 Matte Dial Submariner


The Sale Of Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona, The Most Expensive Wristwatch Ever


Vianney Halter Classic


Eric’s Vianney Halter Antiqua


Philippe Dufour Simplicity Number 17


Grönefeld fake watch prices


The Pascal Coyon Chronometer

Cartier Tank Cintrée


Farallon eatery in San Francisco


Bistro Jacqueline


n/naka in Los Angeles


Niki Nakayama’s “Culinary specialist’s Table” scene


El Toyanese food truck


Onlooker Street Photography Exhibition

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